San Francisco – January 2016 – April Smith

April Smith, along with her mom and husband, traveled to San Francisco in January and had so much fun seeing all of the tourists’ favorites! Here is some more in her own words and pictures.

Where did you travel?
My husband and I, along with my mom, went to San Francisco for a long weekend! We stayed in the Fisherman’s Warf and explored all the sites around the bay, along with Napa Valley, Red Wood Forest, and the drove down the West Coast!


What dates where you there?
I was there January 16th – January 19th, 2016

How long did it take you to get there?
There is a four hour difference between Memphis and San Francisco and with a layover each way in Dallas, it took about 8 hours of our day to get there.


Have you been there before?
I have never been to San Francisco or the West Coast so this was first for me!


Tell a little about your trip.
We arrived late afternoon in San Francisco on the 16th and first went to our hotel, Hotel Zephyr. Once we unpacked we walked the streets of Fisherman’s Warf, seeing all the Piers and marina! After lots of walking, we ended up eating dinner in Little Italy at an delicious Italian restaurant. On the 17th, we got up and ate breakfast at the Boudin Bakery right across the street from our hotel! We then rented GOCARs to explore the big sites of San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, Alamo Square, etc. A GOCAR is a small car that has a GPS attached to it that tells about your surrounding areas while you are driving. It knows exactly where you are and can lead you around the city giving you plenty of great information about the buildings you pass by! I would highly recommend it if you are wanting to combine something fun and educational! To end the night, we ate the Cheesecake Factory downtown! The next day, January 18th, we decided to rent a car and drive up to the Red Wood Forest to see the large trees & do some wine tastings in Napa Valley! I would highly recommend visiting the Red Wood Forest if you ever get the chance! They get up to 40 feet WIDE! We then drove down the west coast for about an hour catching a glimpse of the surfers trying to catch some large waves! BEAUTIFUL! We ended the night visiting the Painted Ladies back in Alamo Square and the curviest road in the world! We ate at a delicious steakhouse in the Fisherman’s Warf for dinner and got dessert at the Ghirardelli shop right across the street. On our last day, we went over to Alcatraz and took a tour of the island and jail!


What was your favorite part?
My favorite part of the trip was the GOCARs, there are such a perfect way to learn about a city in a fun way!


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