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RIU Jamaica – January 2015 – Alice Johnson

Last month, Alice and her husband traveled to Jamaica to visit brand new, adult only RIU Jamaica. Here is a little about her trip in her own words and pictures:

Where did you travel?

Montego Bay, Jamaica

What dates where you there?

January 17-24, 2015

Alice RIU 2

How long did it take you to get there?

6 hours from Memphis, TN

Have you been there before? Yes If so, when?

Yes, I was in Montego Bay in 2013, but this was my first time to this resort.

Alice RIU 8

Alice RIU 7

Tell a little about the resort.

The RIU Jamaica was nice.  Their restaurants were VERY good.  The down side of this resort was that the airport is very close to the resort so there was quite a bit of airplane noise daily-about 6-7 planes flew over every day. (plus side: short transfers to and from the airport!)

Alice RIU 6

Alice RIU 5

What was your favorite part?

I would definitely have to say the food!

Alice RIU 3

Anything else you want to add? 

I would recommend this resort, as long as you don’t mind the airplane noise.

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